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MIVS - Technical developments and treatment strategies

MIVS – Technical developments and treatment strategies
December 7th, 2020
6.30pm CET
With unconditional support of Alcon.

Chairs: Francesco Boscia, Stanislao Rizzo

18.30-18.40 - 3D Visualisation System – Tomaso Caporossi
18.40-18.50 - Q&A with the Moderators

18.50-19.00 – High Speed Vitrectomy – Matteo Cereda
19.00-19.10 - Q&A with the Moderators

19.10-19.20 – Beveled Probe – Francesco Barca
19.20-19.30 - Q&A with the Moderators

19.30-19.40 – From 25G to 27G and their use in surgical practice – Rodolfo Mastropasqua
19.40-19.50 - Q&A with the Moderators

19.50-20.00 Closing remarks

Surgical Cases