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Surf the sessions on myopia associated diseases held during FLORetina-ICOOR 2022.

Speaker Category Presentation title Link
Adnan Tufail SURGICAL Myopia-associated CNV Watch content
Tamer Mahmoud MEDICAL How to measure myopic macular holes? Inaccuracy and implications Watch content
José Maria Ruiz Moreno MEDICAL Study of dilated choroidal veins and their influence in choroidal neovascularization in highly myopic eyes by OCTA Watch content
Teresio Avitabile MEDICAL Morphological parameters of myopic choroidal neovascularization as predictive factors of anti-VEGF treatment response Watch content
Darius M. Moshfeghi MEDICAL Myopia Spectrum Disorder and Variation of Findings Within Different Phenotypes Watch content
Giacomo Panozzo SURGICAL Surgery for Myopic Traction Maculopathy: when and how. Watch content
Ugo Introini SURGICAL Anti-VEGF treatment of myopic macular neovascularization: long-term visual outcome and related risk factors Watch content
Khalid Al Sabti SURGICAL How to Overcome Surgical Challenges in Myopic Macular Holes with Very Long Axial lengths Watch content
Kazuaki Kadonosono SURGICAL A new surgical technique for myopic traction maculopathy Watch content
Barbara Parolini, Veronika Matello, Matteo Ripa, Lorenzo Motta, Rino Frisina SURGICAL Long term results of macular buckle for MTM stage 3a,b and Stage 4a,b Watch content
Adnan Tufail MEDICAL Macular Curvature and Dome-Shaped Macular Configuration associations Watch content
Mariluz Puertas MEDICAL Posterior staphyloma as hallmark of pathologic myopia and severe pathologic myopia Watch content
Mariluz Puertas MEDICAL Impact of posterior staphyloma on myopic maculopathy and visual prognosis Watch content
Elena Almazán-Alonso MEDICAL Assessment of an artery-vein complex (avc) in myopic choroidal neovascularization with oct-a. Role in myopic neovascularization activity. Watch content
Lamberto La Franca MEDICAL Long-term incidence and risk factors of macular fibrosis, macular atrophy, and macular hole in eyes with myopic neovascularization Watch content
Andrea Govetto SURGICAL Pathophysiology of MTM Watch content
Grazia Pertile SURGICAL Surgical Approach and Indications in MTM Watch content
Marta Figueroa SURGICAL Lamellar Holes in The Context of MTM Watch content
Mario Romano SURGICAL Full-thickness Macular Holes in High Myopic Eyes: Surgical Management Watch content

Surf the sessions on myopia associated diseases held during FLORetina-ICOOR 2023.

Speaker Category Presentation title Link
Virgili Gianni, Resnikoff Serge, Moshfeghi Darius M., Caputo Georges MEDICAL A Global Fight Against Retinal Vision Loss And Blindness Watch content
Resnikoff Serge, Polling Jan, Jonas Jost, Sodi Andrea, Ruiz Moreno José Maria MEDICAL Myopia: Epidemiology, Pathogenesis, Genetics Watch content
Resnikoff Serge, Virgili Gianni, Gualino Vincent, Caputo Roberto, Ronzoni Matilde, Pietroni David, Sankaridurg Padmaja MEDICAL Strategies Of Myopia Control Watch content
Ruiz Moreno José Maria, Sarao Valentina, Tadayoni Ramin, Figueroa Marta, Chow David MEDICAL Pathologic Myopia Watch content